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Meet the team

Comprising architects, masters in architecture, technicians, interior designers and administrative staff, the JBC Architectes team is committed to create relevant solutions that meet clients’ expectations. Thanks to the complementary experience and expertise of the team, the firm is able to combine creativity and quality when carrying multidisciplinary projects.

Architecture team

Sandra Haefelfinger

Senior Architect, OAQ

Isabelle Le Clair

M. Arch, B.A.A, Senior Project Manager

Glenn Mitchell

Senior Architect, OAA

Daniel Bates

Senior Technician

Andrés Bonilla

Senior Technician

Vadim Mironov

Architectural technician

Marie-Emmanuelle Auger

Architect, OAQ

Félix Perrault

Architectural technician

Milosz Jurkiewicz

Master in Architecture

Sarah Benzine

Master in Architecture

Francis Poirier

Master in Architecture

Sarra Fekih

Master in Architecture

Adrien Michaux

Master in Architecture

Anthony Regis

Master in Architecture

Audrey Martin

Master in Architecture

Équipe design d'intérieur

Annie Chabot

Interior Design Project Manager

Marie-Ève Beaudette

Interior Design Tech., Master in Architecture

Laurie-Andrée Bergeron

Bach. Interior Design

Jade Lorgeré

Bach. Interior Design, M. Sc. Design Project Management

Administrative team

Sabrina Castro

Financial controller

Nicolas Billardon

....M.Sc, MiM, Marketing, Communication and Human Resources Director

Florine Marechal

M.Sc, MiM, Marketing and Communication Coordinator